Some users can’t watch YouTube videos without buffering. The behavior of Buffering is, start stop, and start stop……. What’re the reasons for this scenario and how to avoid it? This post will give you a simple guide to understand that why buffering occurs.

1. Slow internet connection

If your internet connection is slow, it’s impossible to watch YouTube videos without buffering. Data reach to your computer as packets, and it’s essential to reaching these packets into computer while equating with the speed (or more) what? It requires for proper playback after processing packets. This is the reason many people are getting problems while watching high quality (HD) videos.

2. Error packets

When a date packet reaches to end user, the computer sends a message to data hosting server as packet is gotten and packet is ok. If the packet had some problem, or it had lost a packet while data transmission it requires the same packet again. This also takes some time and finally it becomes a direct cause for buffering. Most if times this scenario occurs with wireless internet connections because under some conditions such as distance, signal strength, atmospheric there’s a too much possibility for error packets.

3. Low RAM

This is end user related problem. It needs enough memory in your computer for storing incoming data packets and processed video. If the RAM is small, computer uses hard disk as memory storage and naturally all activities become slow.

4. Low processor speed

This also an end user related problem. Data comes as packets and processor processes them into the capable format possible to run on video player (Adobe Flash Player), if the processor speed is low, it doesn’t happen faster. This is the reason, why you can’t watch YouTube videos on P (III) or P (II) computers without buffering even if you have a fast internet connection.

5. Video or monitor driver related problems

This is also a thing possible to happen. At here, video related drivers of your computer get failed to play the video properly. You can avoid this matter while reinstalling, changing settings, or upgrading drivers.

Ok, this post has given you five reasons for YouTube video buffering. How to stop it? I think now you’ve a good idea that why it happens? Get the problematic point and recover it.